BBB 2017 Torch Awards Finalists

We're Finalists!!!

BBB 2017 Torch Awards Finalists

The Folder Center is proud to announce that we've made it to the Finals for the 2017 BBB Torch Awards for Ethical Business Practices!
We're so proud of our team for standing up and supporting the principles that we try to embody.
Congratulations, Team!
Let's keep working hard to serve the people around us!

We Specialize in Tailored Advertising for Home Buyers and Sellers as well as School Teachers and Parents.

We know that getting advertising into people's hands in a way that makes a
difference for your company can be hard to do. 

Here at The Folder Center, We get your message into the hands of your
target market in a package they can't throw away, their Real Estate and
Homework Folders!!

Targeted Marketing

Your business featured in front
of your target market.
You’re the first one they see!

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FREE Homework Folders

Free, fully-customizable homework folders for your school.
They’re sturdy and great for the kids!
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FREE Presentation Folders

Free, fully-customizable presentation folders for your real estate office.
Make your office stand out from the rest!
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The Folder Center aims to deliver high quality folders to its customers.
We help local businesses target their key customers. 
One of the best parts of targeting home buyers is that people tend to repeat their behavior without questioning it.
This means that once you gain a customer who is moving to a new area you’re very likely to keep them for a long time.
Whereas one of the best parts of sponsoring a school is that you place yourself in front of parents and teachers regularly for an entire year.
Our passion is connecting you to your target markets.

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