FREE Presentation Folders

How It Works

  • We provide FREE folders to you with your company's branded design.
  • We reach out to your preferred business partners along with local businesses that promote their services.
  • We create your custom folder and handle the printing. Your folders will be shipped directly to your office when completed.
Sample Real Estate Folder

Any Realtor can buy plain folders with no personal branding from the local office supply store.
Do you want to hand out plain folders that do not remind your clients and prospects of who you are? 

Let us help you. 
We will give you free, custom, high-quality presentation folders branded with your logo on both front and back covers. 

Stand out with your clients and prospects with our professional, full-color folders. 

Not only will you provide a convenient place to store important documents, but your personal brand and information will also be readily in sight.

Why Free?

The Folder Center collaborates with your preferred business partners (or finds those businesses for you). Those businesses are featured inside of your presentation folder, giving clients and prospects the benefit of easy access to businesses you work with on a regular basis.

Does your client or prospect need a contractor, bank, inspector, home warranty, insurance agent, etc.? Each company’s information is in the folder. 

Our business model allows you to give preferred business partners a targeted demographic for their advertisements.
In turn, you get free, professional folders. 

The ultimate winners are your clients and prospects because they end up with folders that feature your brand and business partners.

Sample Folder Covers & Sponsor Artwork
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